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Email Marketing Case Study: 10 Secret Tips to Improve Email Marketing

Your email marketing is not working well? Tried the best Email Marketing Case Study: email marketing strategies! still, the result is not fruitful! Wait, try these 10 secret powerful tips to get desired results from your email marketing campaigns. 

 Although you will not achieve 100% desired results from your email marketing campaigns. But there are still some secret tips to improve your email marketing campaigns. 

In this age of competitive digital marketing trends, email marketing is not a choice. But mandatory if you want to cover multiple levels of engagement with customers in one shot.  

Email marketing is considered to be the best way to attract and connect with potential buyers. Besides, build relationships and convert them into customers. For most brands, emails are the lifeline and currency of the web to survive in this competitive digital marketing platform. 

In this Email marketing case study, here are 10 powerful secret tips to improve email marketing

Email marketing case study:10 powerful secret tips to improve email marketing.
10 powerful secret tips to improve email marketing. 

1. Personalize your email:  

Every day we receive a lot of promotional emails, most of us delete the mail after receiving it. But before deleting it you have to grab the attention of the reader through personalization. For example, if you start with Hi, (recipient’s name) it will help to grab attention and the reader will at least read the offer. When we say personalized email marketing, it does not mean that you send an individual email to every single subscriber. Personalization means when we use individual customer data to create a personalized message. For example, all of Amazon’s emails are personalized, which is the secret of high sales and revenue of Amazon. It’s not “Dear valued customer,” but “Dear Smith”. 

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2. Segmented email list 

When you use a segmented database based on customers’ preferences, behavior, location, and past sales history your email campaign will be more targeted to your customers, and with CRM software, you can segment your customers. When you send messages to a targeted group of customers within your email list based on data analytics, your audience finds the messages more relevant. In this way, you will get favorable open rates and click-through rates. For example, if you offer discounts on beauty products for students, segment email lists by age group. 

3. Customized responsive email template:  

Always try to use a mobile responsive email template, because almost 80% of people will open the mail on mobile, if it doesn’t display correctly, they will send it to trash. For customized and responsive email templates you can use the best email service like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, their templates are responsive and your messages will be perfectly delivered to all devices or screens. 

4. Verify, clear, and update the email list regularly: 

Keep your database up to date to optimize email deliverability and higher engagement rates. 

  • Got subscribers who’ve vanished off the radar? If someone hasn’t engaged with your emails in at least six months, send a reactivation campaign or even ask for a second opt-in. See if you can get them curious again. 
  • Delete the subscribers from your list if there are still no engagements. 
  • For better deliverability, in the long run, it will be good to let them go although it is sad! 
  • Another vital point, make it easy with a visible unsubscribe button for the unsubscribers. people are more likely to mark you as spam if they can’t find the way out. 

5. Use dynamic content:  

Nowadays customers don’t read long text emails, to make your email appealing and engaging use dynamic content like gifs, emojis, videos, images, and interactive pools to increase the customer’s engagement because visual media is more convincing than text. Create content that is inspiring, useful, educational, informative and convincing to your customers to take action. 

6. Use a clear call to action (CTA):  

Most of the subscribers don’t have time to read through the long mail, they want to know what you’re offering, make it clear with a clearly defined call-to-action, otherwise, you will get minimal results. 

7. Use text-only emails, not image-based:  

According to a survey it is found that text-based email with links to your product or content works better than image-based email. Try to make a concise but appealing subject line of your email. For example, offer discounts or new products that are irresistible to customers, such as 50% off on all beauty products. Email subject lines should not exceed 6-7 words, with clear and clickable subject lines. 

8. Send emails based on data analytics and time zones:  

If you want your emails to be opened, then look at the research conducted by email automation tools based on time zone and data analytics. What is the best time to send the email because most emails are opened within 24 hours of receiving them? According to a survey, almost 60% of  Internet users check or send an email on a typical day, with emails delivered between 1 am, and 5 am local time. 

9. Insert links and social sharing button:  

Insert links in your email to drive traffic to a landing page, send users to a blog post, or send people to a specific offer or product on your site. These will work with your CTA to encourage users to carry out different actions to learn more about what you have teased in your email. Include links to your social media accounts in your email with social sharing buttons. This will allow you to further promote your email and allow subscribers to share your content to generate new leads and ultimately allow you to access a greater audience than those already subscribed to your list. 

10. Monitor and measure:  

Despite the right type of people subscribed to your list, to run successful email marketing campaigns, you need to do a lot of testing and monitoring. 

  • Open rate: It is the ratio of the number of people who opened your email, divided by the total number of recipients. 
  • Click-through rate: It is the rate that we get from the number of people who clicked on a link in your email divided by the total number of recipients, the ratio is click-through rate. 
  • Unsubscribe rate: The number of people who unsubscribed divided by the total number of recipients (hopefully, as close to zero as possible). If this number is high, you need to review your email frequency and segmentation. 
  • Bounce rate: When the recipient’s inbox is full, Soft bounces may happen due to these temporary issues email delivery may be failed. But due to permanent issues, hard bounces may happen (e.g. an inactive 

For improving email marketing, you need to track the following metrics: 

  • An exact number of new email subscribers per day, increasing or decreasing? 
  • The actual method they have applied to subscribe to your list (if you have multiple placements like sidebar, exit popups, etc.). You need to know which one they used to register. 
  • Actual track of Email Open and Click-through rates (how many people opened a specific email campaign and how many people clicked a link in the email) and monitoring. 
  • Survey how many people visited your website from a link in an email. 
  • How many conversions means final customers were generated from email (and from which campaign). 

Last words: 

Use the following secret tips to revive your email marketing campaigns. These secret tips will help you to create more engaging and compelling emails to build your brand and encourage customers to stay loyal. The ultimate goal is to increase sales and revenue. 


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