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Email marketing case study: what is email marketing automation?

As a digital businessman, you would like to stay connected with your customers. this task can be perfectly done with email marketing automation. It’s a powerful tool that will help to send personalized messages to a targeted group of segmented customers at the right time with some predefined automated workflows. 

In this article you will get full clearance about email marketing automation, what is it? How does email marketing automation exactly work? Besides, you will get the best email marketing automation strategies following this article and so on. Trust me your time is most valuable and this article gives you important knowledge.  

What is email marketing automation? 

Email automation is a pre-defined process performed by automated workflows using email marketing automation tools/platform/software.

Email marketing case study: what is email marketing automation
what is email marketing automation?

It is to create and send a series of personalized emails; triggered to a segmented group of customers based on their preferences, behavior, and past sales history. For example, welcome emails are sent when a customer signs up for a mailing list if you automate email. Based on past purchases or information similar to product recommendations emails or about new products launch or brand awareness emails can be sent. 

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How does email marketing automation work? 

For a better understanding of how email automation works let’s take a look: 

Email marketing case study:How does email marketing automation work?
How does email marketing automation work
  • When a person visits a website and downloads an eBook, he fills out a form, etc. 
  • Then they are added to your email marketing database. 
  • After that, they are placed into different audience segments based on their preferences, location, interests, behavior, etc. 
  • Then the marketer creates an email campaign strategy. Finally, they set the rules/triggers, create the drip campaign, schedule the emails, etc. 
  • At last, the customer receives emails based on the conditions and campaigns set by the marketer. 

Best email marketing automation strategies: 

Email marketing case study: Best email marketing automation strategies
Best email marketing automation strategies

1. Send a confirmation or welcome email:  

When customer sign-ups to your newsletter or fill a contact form, instantly send a welcome email to assure that the company received their signups, by this welcome email, customers will feel privileged, and it will foster newly built customer relationships. 

2. Send emails based on data analytics and time zones:  

If you want your emails to be opened, then look at the research conducted by email automation tools based on time zone and data analytics. What is the best time to send the email because most emails are opened within 24 hours of receiving them? According to a survey, almost 60% of  Internet users check or send an email on a typical day, with emails delivered between 1 am, and 5 am local time. 

3. Segment customers based on preferences, behavior, interests, location, etc. and personalize messages: 

When you use a segmented database, your email campaign will be more targeted to your customers, and with CRM software, you can segment your customers. When we say personalized email marketing, it does not mean that you send an individual email to every single subscriber. personalization means when we use individual customer data to create a personalized message. For example, all of Amazon’s emails are personalized, which is the secret of the high sales and revenue of Amazon. It’s not “Dear valued customer,” but “Dear Smith”. 

4. Quality contacts, not quantity:  

Your email automation success rate depends on the quality of contacts in your database. Delete the subscribers from your list if there’s still no engagements. For better deliverability, in the long run, it will be good to let them go, although it is sad!  

5. Don’t always go for the sale:  

Although it seems weird, always don’t ask for selling products, sometimes send an email that adds real value to your customers to educate or entertain them or increase social awareness among customers. 

6. Make it easy for people to unsubscribe:  

Another vital point, make it easy with a visible unsubscribe button for the unsubscribers. people are more likely to mark you as spam if they can’t find the way out. If people don’t want to hear from you, allow them to easily unsubscribe you whenever they want and respect your customer’s decision and time. 

7. Test, test, and test: 

Instead of having the right type of people subscribed to your list, to run successful email marketing campaigns, you need to do a lot of A/B testing. 

A/B testing will help you find out what kind of email messages can potentially generate higher user engagement and more conversions to final customers. 

Popular Examples of Email Automation: 

  • Welcome email 
  • Transactional email 
  • Lead-nurturing and drip campaigns 
  • Newsletters informing about new content or products 
  • Anniversary emails with a special offer 
  • Product-related emails and updates 
  • Research and feedback 
  • Product engagement and customer retention 

The top 5 email marketing automation tools are: 

The most popular and widely used email marketing automation tools are: 

  1. Mailchimp 
  1. Convertkit 
  1. Aweber 
  1. Constant Contact 
  1. Sendpulse 

Others are 

Top 5 email marketing automation tools
Top 5 email marketing automation tools

Last Words: 

Email automation eliminates repetitive tasks and saves time.  

It makes email marketing more effective, relevant and personalized. It’s a mandatory process to gain valuable insights about your targeted customer’s needs and demands for increasing sales and revenue.  

If you haven’t done it yet, then it’s high time to automate your email campaign because email marketing is personal and the cheapest way to reach your customers.  

Despite the increasing popularity of social network marketing, the importance of email marketing is increasing day by day. Email marketing automation is not optional to grow your business; it’s mandatory for all kinds of online businesses.  


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