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Top 6 Types Of Marketing Jobs Listed For Your Career

With so many different marketing jobs available, it can be hard to know which one is the best fit. To get you started on a new path, we’ve put together this list of the top 6 types of marketing jobs and what they entail. I hope this blog will help you to increase your thought regarding this aspect.

1.Digital Marketing jobs:

Nowadays, digital marketing jobs are in high demand. While most digital marketing jobs require around 3-5 years of experience, there are entry-level digital marketing jobs available for new grads. If you have the skills and knowledge to do these jobs, they can lead to really interesting positions such as SEO copywriter or SEO manager, or even a social media manager.
In essence, digital marketing is the use of web presence and SEO/SEM to help increase traffic and sales for a business.

Digital marketing can be done in a variety of ways depending on the type of company, including:

Digital Marketing jobs
Digital Marketing jobs

pay-per-click advertising (PPC),
search engine optimization (SEO),
content marketing, and
social media marketing.

It also covers email and banner/display advertising. For entry-level jobs, you must have some type of knowledge in writing for the web, but many positions require knowledge and experience with SEO or PPC. There are also entry-level jobs available in content creation for companies such as HubSpot or Buffer.
Powerful marketing programs will use a combination of these tools.
So if you have solid experience in any of these areas, digital marketing jobs could be your next step.

2.Content Marketing Jobs:

Content marketers are responsible for writing content for a company’s blog and social media accounts. These jobs require a great understanding of SEO, blogging, and the ability to create compelling, interesting content consistently. You must also be able to manage social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and more. The content you create must be on point and make the company look good.

With a smaller budget, many companies still rely on content marketing as a way to generate leads. If you’re not getting the results you want, check in with your boss to see how you can be more effective. Some companies have dedicated teams in content marketing like HubSpot, so if you bring data and research to the table they will want to keep you around.

Content Marketing Jobs
Content Marketing Jobs

Content marketing jobs are a great way to get your foot in the door of an organization. After proving yourself, you could be promoted to account manager or social media manager and take on more responsibility for content creation.

Planning, writing, and executing the best content for a company’s blog is a challenging job, but if you can handle it, you could do well.
Curious about what it takes to succeed in this field? Read about what Jodi Harris has learned from her role as Content Marketing Manager for DemandWave Software.

3.Brand Marketing Jobs:

Brand marketing jobs are great and fun because they can be active. And you have a chance to spread your brand message to new people. They include things like sponsorship, event planning, public relations, partnerships, or any other form of marketing that involves working with the brand. There are two types of brand marketers – on-brand marketing and specialized branding.

The on-brand job is for personal use brands (your name) where you do your thing with little or no oversight from an executive team. On-brand marketing is generally more fun because it is less formal and you can have more creative freedom.

Brand Marketing Jobs
Brand Marketing Jobs

The specialized branding job can be seen as the opposite. There are two types of specialists – the brand team (more formal) and the creative team (less formal). The brand team manages all of the on-brand ideas and messaging that a company uses for marketing. This allows executives to focus on sales, advertising, and other things that they are better at than you.

Specialized branding hiring for brand marketers varies by industry, but there are some generalizations. Specialized brands tend to high salaries and high rewards for performance. If you’re looking to be paid well and get rewarded for your performance, specialized roles are a good choice.
Brand marketing can be a great way to get your foot in the door at an organization you want to work for or even start your own company with the right portfolio of experience.

4.Entry Level Marketing Jobs:

There are many entry-level marketing jobs available. If you’re looking for a job with a smaller company, this could be a great way to get your foot in the door. Here are the most common ones:
Entry-level jobs are less about salary and more about experience. You’ll have to work harder than other employees, but you’ll also learn and grow more quickly. You don’t need any experience, but you should have a solid interest in learning marketing skills.

If you’re looking for an entry-level job with a great company, you should consider starting with these companies:
These tips will help you step by step:
If they want to see your resume and talk to you on the phone, tell them that you have a good idea of what type of marketing position is right for your skills. It will make them more interested in talking to you.
Keep it simple by listing your skills and experience specifically. Include any real-world experience and projects that stand out. It helps to hire managers to understand what you can bring to the table. It will also help them get their head around your skills and experience.

Entry Level Marketing Jobs:
Entry Level Marketing Jobs

Always keep a pen and paper on you so that you are ready to document any ideas or thoughts that come to mind. When thinking about job roles and responsibilities, it’s easy to get distracted if you don’t have notes or a notebook available.
If a company has an open position, definitely apply. Most companies are hiring for entry-level roles, so you have a good chance with almost any application.

In general, the best way to get hired is to do some research in advance and then send your resume when you notice that they’re looking for a new employee. Always be sure that you ask for feedback because it helps build relationships and it gives you a better understanding of what you could improve about your application next time.

5.Online Marketing Jobs:

If you are interested in getting a job at a company that does online marketing, there are many ways you could be hired. Here’s how:
The first thing to do is research the job opportunity before applying. Make sure that you understand what the company does and how they are different from other companies in the same industry. There might even be some blogging or forum discussion about it.

After researching and learning more about the company, write a post about your experience with them on your blog or website using their name. If you can put up a picture with your blog post, that is an even better way to earn credibility.

Online Marketing Jobs
Online Marketing Jobs

Add the company name to your blog post, along with a short description of the post. It’s best to put this in a prominent location on your blog or website so that people can find it easily without having to scroll through multiple posts or websites.
Find out about their social networking pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This will give you information about when they tweet or send out other content. If they have a company blog, get their name and post or tweet in your blog.

Post any content on their pages that you think of which are relevant to what they do. This will help them find you and put you in a good light by showing that you are a fan of the company or have information related to them.
Get a telephone number (or email address) from someone at the company so that you can respond to queries or questions from potential clients that come up regarding your blogging about them.

6.Affiliate Marketing Jobs:

With affiliate marketing, you get paid for promoting other people’s products or services.
Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest ways to make money online and it works in a very straightforward way; you advertise goods and services, and in return, you get a payment (in the form of a commission) for each sale that comes through your site.

Affiliate Marketing Jobs
Affiliate Marketing Jobs

The key to good affiliate marketing is not only creating quality content but also being creative with what you promote.
For example, if you are selling a product that focuses on weight loss and healthy eating you can promote articles that mention your product in them.
By doing this, you will be in people’s minds when they are searching for information about your particular product. This will ensure that they find your site when they search for the topic.

Other affiliate marketing strategies include having an opt-in box on all of your blog posts or articles so that readers can sign up to receive updates when new ones are published.
A successful affiliate marketer should retain the information they gather about their clients. For instance, if an affiliate tells you they make $30 per sale this is not enough information to use to market products.



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